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Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska Ieva Jelinska

Startsidan | 2013.09.27 | 10 images | VIDEO

Ieva Jelinska

Hi Ieva! Good to see you here on Scandalbeauties. So who are you?
- I am 20 years old and come from Latvia. I lived in Åland Island for about 12 years, until I moved to Stockholm where I am studying to be a stylist.

You're crazy sexy in the pictures, can you tell us about the shoot?
- I was pretty nervous before, but my worries were only unnecessary because Freddie is a great photographer and it went much better than expected. It was fun!

You have not been topless on any shoots before, how did it feel?
- A little different, but it was definitely exciting.

We could see you as a hostess for Scandalbeauties at the tattoo fair recently, what is your relationship with tattoos?
- I love tattoos! They should be well-made and personalized. Personally, I have only one tattoo, on my thigh, but I will probably not get any more.

How has your summer been and what have you done?
- It has been really fun. I have partied and had crazy fun. Met all kinds of people, and of course, I sunbathed a lot, topless then of course (laughs).

If you could sleep with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
- Yelawolf, because I love his music and think he's totally sexy.

What do you prefer in bed?
- I like tougher sex and anal.

What are your plans for the future?
- I will finish my education to become a stylist and then I will see what life has to offer.

Dominant vs. Submissive = Both.
Topless vs. Bikini = Topless of course.
Swallow vs. Spitting = Swallowing
Group Sex vs. Regular sex = It depends…
String vs. Hipster = String


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