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Pics | 2012.11.22 | 8 images

Emma Andersson

Tell us about yourself and your modeling?
- I always have a hard time talking about myself, I’m a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide *laughs*. I’m very happy and positive, but if someone is mean against me they can expect a thousand times worse treatment back. I don’t see myself as a model really, I’m no Cathrine Holst if you know what I mean. The first time I was photographed was 2008 for Pixation and after that I’ve been having a break from all that.

You call yourself Vegagirl? Where does that come from?
- It has followed me since the Lunarstorm days. When I was choosing nickname there I couldn’t figure out what to choose so I opened a book about astrology and found a star called vega. It sounded great to me so I picked that name *laughs*.

How was the photo shoot with Scandalbeauties?
- It was very fun, poor Freddie had to work hard because I’m like Duracell-battery bunny constantly in motion. I was a bit nervous too but he was really great! Really Professional.

You live just outside Karlstad, how is it to live in a smaller town?
- I think it’s fun to go out and party here because you know everybody and if you loose the one you came with there is always someone else to party with. But it’s also a bad thing because you can’t really do exactly what you want *blink*.

What’s your favorite place to travel?
- I’m a restless soul so I love to travel, but only to places where the sun shines and it’s above 30 degrees. I love Thailand and Australia!

What’s your taste when it comes to guys?
- I have no specific taste, so I guess that means everybody has a chance! *laughs* That sounded a bit wrong but you know what I mean! I love everything from a nerd to a muscular guy in tattoos!

What do you want to say to our readers?
- I hope you liked the pictures and I’m happy you took the time to read and watch me. And I hope you want to see more of me!

Small city vs. Big city = Big City
Sexy vs. Cute = Sexy
Underwear vs. Naked = Underwear
Night at home vs. Night out = Night at home
Single vs. Relationship = Both! But now I’m single

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